When communicating in the hospital is difficult —
Arthur makes it simple.

Arthur is an iOS application that becomes the spoken voice of patients who have difficulty communicating due to surgery and intubation.

Allows patients to communicate:

Pain & Discomfort
Thoughts & Feelings
Needs & Requests
Request Urgent Help
Available in Multiple Languages

Providing and empowering the patient with a voice.

A communication tool can help decrease patient frustration and anxiety related to the inability to verbally speak. Take the guess work out of trying to communicate with non-verbal patients.

An augmentative and alternative communication application for hospitalized patients.

Whether it's from intubation, stroke, surgery on the head and neck or traumatic event that leaves the patient without a voice, Arthur is able to help give the patient a sense of self again.

Their voice to express needs, questions, and feelings.

Through the use of simple easy-to-read icons, allow for the patient to intuitively know how to navigate to the correct phrase to give their healthcare provider and family.

Enhancing the Continuum of Communication through the patient's journey.

In addition to helping with needs, pain, and discomfort, the Arthur App is available in multiple languages to help increase efficiency of the healthcare staff and not require translation services. Giving the staff time back in their day for other duties.

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