How Arthur Supports the Orlando Health 4 Key Behaviors

Did you know that the new Arthur App embodies Orlando Health’s commitment to fostering Connection, Communication, Curiosity, and Commitment in the daily interactions with patients?

Here’s How..


At the heart of patient care is the establishment of meaningful connections. The Arthur application facilitates this by enabling non-verbal patients to communicate their needs, pain, symptoms, thoughts, requests, and feelings, fostering connection between patients and caregivers.Through Arthur’s multi-language capabilities, it can even bridge the gap between language barriers and create a more inclusive environment where every patient feels heard and understood.

As you will see more in the next section Communication, effective two-way communication is paramount for fostering human connection as it establishes a reciprocal exchange of thoughts, feelings, and ideas between individuals.


As many hospital staff have experienced Joint Commission in the hospital, part of what they hold everyone accountable for is Effective 2-way Communication between patient and care giver.

Effective communication is so important for providing high-quality care. With Arthur, patients who may have difficulty speaking due to a variety of issues like having a tracheostomy, ALS, stoke, post-surgical intubation, etc., verbalizing their thoughts can now communicate easily using large buttons with pre-made phrases tailored to the most used statements and requests. Whether it's expressing pain levels, requesting assistance, or sharing feelings, Arthur empowers patients with a voice to communicate effectively. By allowing the patient to participate in their own care, helps improve outcomes and overall satisfaction.

Through active listening, empathetic understanding, and meaningful response, two-way communication facilitates the building of trust, mutual respect, and emotional bonds. It allows both the patient and the caregiver to express themselves authentically while also validating and acknowledging the perspectives of each other, thereby creating a sense of belonging and interconnectedness. Without it, meaningful connections may falter, leading to misunderstandings, feelings of isolation, and increasing stress and anxiety levels.


Curiosity is a key ingredient that drives innovation and continuous improvement in healthcare.

From the Patient View:

Using Arthur, the patient is able to ask questions about their care plan, medications, and discharge information.

From the Care Giver View:

The Arthur App was created because of such curiosity. The implementation of the Arthur App encourages us to explore new ways of using technology to enhance patient communication and engagement. For example, across Orlando Health, different units have found creative new ways to use Arthur beyond the being just the spoken voice for these non-speaking patients. By the care team's commitment to adopting technology like Arthur, the staff demonstrates their curiosity to adapt and evolve their practices to better meet the needs of the patients, ultimately leading to a more enriching healthcare experience for all.


The Orlando Health commitment to providing exceptional patient care has to be unwavering. The Arthur App aligns with this commitment by equipping  staff with a tool they need to deliver quality care to every patient, regardless of their communication abilities. By embracing Arthur, the staff affirms their dedication to going above and beyond in meeting the diverse needs of their patient population, ensuring that no voice goes unheard.

The Arthur App represents a significant contribution in our ongoing work around the 4 Key Behaviors of Connection, Communication, Curiosity, and Commitment by enhancing interactions with non-verbal patients. By leveraging this innovative technology, care team members can strengthen their ability to deliver compassionate, patient-centered care that makes a difference in the lives of those they serve.

For more information about the Arthur App or you can watch a short video to see Arthur inaction.