Frequently Asked Questions

Last Modified September 28, 2023

1. What is Arthur App?

Arthur App is a revolutionary mobile app designed to empower non-verbal patients by providing them with a platform to communicate with spoken words using an iPad application.

2. How does Arthur App work?

Arthur App utilizes advanced text-to-speech algorithms to convert premade text phrases selected by the patient and turning into spoken words. Users can type out their specific messages, and the app will vocalize it for them.

3. Who is the Arthur App for?

Arthur App is designed to assist patients who are non-verbal due to medical conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy, autism, or temporary speech impairment caused by traumatic accidents or surgeries. These patients would need to have the ability to interact with an iPad to select their intended message using their finger or a medical grade stylus.

4. Is Arthur App customizable?

Currently, the app is built with premade phrases and a keyboard for the patient to type specific phrases. The future version of Arthur App will allow for customization of what the best premade phrases are that is best suited for each patient.

5. Can I use Arthur App offline?

Yes, once the clinical staff member logins in and activates the Arthur App for the patient, then they will be able to use it offline. The app will still vocalize the premade phrase buttons offline, however the Live Chat feature to communicate with the nurses station will not function offline.

6. Is patient data safe and private?

Absolutely! We prioritize user privacy and data security. Arthur App employs robust encryption “in transit” and “at rest”using AES-256 bit encryption and TLS1.3. In addition, our technology follows healthcare cybersecurity best practices to ensure your information remains protected and confidential.

7. What devices do I use with Arthur App?

Today, Arthur App is only available for iPad iOS devices provided by your hospital. A patient does not need to supply their own device.

8. Are there any subscription fees?

Arthur App is offered for free to patients who require this type of service. It will be prescribed by your clinician if it is determined to be a right fit for communicating. The hospital system is the one to prescribe this service and covers any associated costs so it remains free for the patients.

9. Is Arthur App integrated with other technology?

Presently, the Arthur App operates as a cloud-based standalone application. We are striving to continuously improve the features and functionality of the app and see potential in integrating with a hospital’s EMR/EHR and other systems such as Nurse Call for a more seamless operation.

10. How do I get support for technical issues?

For technical assistance, visit the help button within the app. You can also reach out to our customer support team at or by calling us at 407-243-8182. It is our goal to enhance the communication experience for non-verbal patients. If you have any further questions or feedback, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!