Arthur enables the patient to communicate.

Pain & Symptoms
Thoughts & Feelings
Pain & Symptoms
Needs & Requests
Request Urgent Help
Multiple Languages

Providing and empowering the patient with a voice.

Arthur App has a simple registration process for you to admit a new patient into the system. Once complete, you have two screens to choose from. Our “Simplified Version” or our “Standard Version” that has more functionality and features. With the click of a few buttons your non verbal patients now have a voice.

Arthur is communication made simple.

Leverage Arthur’s easy to use interface to drill into a variety of topics and needs to help you communicate with your patients. Arthur gives you the ability to ask patients the most common questions and scenarios within a hospital and is also available in multiple languages to make your job easier.

Leverage our symptom checker.

This allows you to have the patient click on parts of the body to rate and describe their pain to you.

Providing and empowering the patient with a voice.

Patients can type words that are verbally announced or they can simply use a stylist or their finger ifthey prefer.

Patients can send you direct messages to our dashboard and request help if needed.

Nurse dashboard.

Our nurse dashboard allows for easy bidirectional communication with patients from your desk. Receive and respond to messages with ease and even receive urgent calls for help.